Trying to grow up

My name is Dakota Story and I’m a college student and intern writer at Ologie. Like their website says, I’m the resident member of Gen Z.

What that means is, I have a lot of different views on things that happen within these walls. I’m also in a very unique place in life. Old enough to get a job, too young to buy alcohol. Mature enough to have a professional filter, immature enough to forget to put it on. I’m constantly switching back and forth from Work Dakota and School Dakota. Sometimes they get mixed up, sometimes I turn into my third alter ego: Awkward, Anxious, Uses-Humor-As-A-Defense-Mechanism Dakota. He’s my favorite.

But what that also means is, I work right next to Millennials. And that may be one of the biggest insights I have. Where do I even start? They’re different than me. When it comes to my Millennial peers, we get along great, but that doesn’t mean we sometimes don’t see eye to eye or we sometimes don’t laugh at the same jokes or like the same music. Most importantly, we’re just in different places in our life. They’re paying off their student loans; I used my student loans to buy a dog. They’re getting married; I’m trying to figure out how to talk to girls. They watch what they eat; I go to Dirty Franks three times a week for lunch. Oh, and they still use Facebook. We’re just different.

When two generations of people are that different, there are bound to be some mishaps, learning experiences, and insights. That’s where I come in. This blog is to be used as a guide for people like me who are about to enter the world of the Millennial. And for people who aren’t like me but need a good laugh. I have a lot to learn, but I have a lot to shed some light on too. So join me on this wonderful misadventure I call my life. Life as an intern, life as a student, life just trying to grow up.