Meet Work Dakota

So, like my previous post mentioned, I have a few different faces I put on (we all do, it’s okay). There’s Work Dakota, who can somehow manage his ADHD long enough to get something done in one sitting, there’s School Dakota, whose ADHD magically reappears just in time for class, and then there’s the third Dakota who’s just generally a messy combination of the two. We’ll focus on the first one for now.

Work Dakota is when I’m at work. Duh. I put on a façade and trick everyone into thinking I’m a rational, functioning adult. It’s diabolical, really. If only they knew. This basically means I’m just trying to become a “professional.” By professional I mean, of course, not being a dumb a** and getting along with my Millennial co-workers. But being a dumb a** just so happens to be my specialty, so you can see how the transition wasn’t so smooth in the beginning. Now though, without thinking, I say good morning to everyone I see and smile widely, looking excited and happy to see them. I mean, I am happy to see them, but I think it makes them happy when they see you’re glad they’re around.

Then there’s learning the art of the well-timed joke. A Millennial, just like the rest of us, appreciates a good joke. And this just so happens to be my forte. Make them laugh, and they’ll like you. If they like you, you’ll get along great.

Finally, there’s knowing your position and your boundaries. Never, I repeat, NEVER, cross the line and overstep your boundaries. Just pretend you have a metaphorical personality bubble around you at all times that neutralizes any overwhelming qualities you may possess. For instance, my metaphorical personality bubble quiets my overly abrasive (that’s what my teachers call it) personality to become a well mannered, for the most part, respectful human being.

Super easy, right? I’m kidding. It gets super complicated. But don’t worry, you’ll learn from my horrible mistakes and miscalculations. Just like I did.