The not-so-typical dorm life

I’m not really the dorm room type of person. The whole communal bathroom thing and sharing a bedroom just really wasn’t my thing. When they tell me to wear flip flops into the disgusting pit I’m supposed to clean myself in, it seems a bit like a red flag.

So I opted for the off-campus apartment. Thank God.

Between work and school, things were pretty busy. Work during the day, classes at night, sleep in between. Pretty simple formula. Then I made friends (believe it or not) and things got even busier. Weekends started to fill up too, and I never really noticed how isolated I really was.

But then school ended and all of my friends went back to their hometowns. No class at night, no friends to chill with, so things got pretty boring. I was working full time, which was sweet, but hanging out with my thirty-something-year-old “friends” wasn’t really an option. I couldn’t go grab drinks with everyone. I never got invited to wine tasting parties – I assume that’s what adults do in their free time together – and no college kids were around because they all went home. Weird, right?

So I did what any rational, level-headed adult would do. I bought a dog! Yes, the same dog that was purchased with my student loan money was my solution to the seemingly incurable boredom that plagued me. My free time was filled with walks, cleaning up piss, and throwing a ball. She’d come to work with me and piss on the floor, she’d sleep with me and piss in my bed. It was really great.

Now, do I recommend going out and buying a dog to cure boredom? Hell-to-the-no. When your family tells you not to do it – like mine did – listen to them. I love my dog to death but damn is she a pain in the ass.

My suggestion: don’t buy a living, breathing thing. That you have to drop off at your mom’s house every once and a while.

It’s simple. But you know how messy, awkward, in-between-work-and-school Dakota works. He’s a dumbass. Just like his dog.