Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

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Stand out.
But not too much.

For colleges and universities, competition has never been stiffer for top students and faculty, or for research funding, donor dollars, and reputation. Public universities have a hard time explaining what it means to be “public” and liberal arts colleges are still trying to defend the benefits of a multidisciplinary education to 17-year-olds everywhere.

Kelly Ruoff July 28, 2016 Categories Points of View

5 ways Millennials and Gen Z differ on digital.

For colleges and universities, these two generational groups are continually top of mind. Gen Z-ers make up the majority of incoming classes, while Millennials now fill the ranks of young alumni. By understanding where the two groups diverge in their use of technology, your school can win big with both.

Ologie June 29, 2016 Categories Gen-Z, Points of View

Conversations with college presidents on branding in higher education

Twenty years ago, the average college president spent little time worrying about the brand. Applications were up. Budgets were stable. And leading a university can be as complex as running a small city – why focus on the window dressing? But as higher ed has evolved, so have the prevailing views on branding.

Ologie June 20, 2016 Categories Points of View

How brands can capture the attention of Gen Z

Generation Z (the group of individuals born after 1996) is 78 million strong, and they’re unlike any other generation before them. These differences appear in what they value, how they interact with each other, and what they expect of the society they live in.

Ologie June 6, 2016 Categories Gen-Z, Points of View

6 ways to cultivate brand stewardship

The environment we work in today is constantly and rapidly evolving. The way we communicate now is markedly different than it was even three years ago, with technology that continually forces us to think in new ways.

Ologie May 26, 2016 Categories Points of View

Four ways to rethink the viewbook.

In higher education, the basic content and function of the undergraduate viewbook haven’t changed in decades. It’s timeless. Or, maybe it’s just old.

Ologie April 28, 2016 Categories Points of View

How to Talk About Diversity (without offending everyone)

Recently, we recommended to a small, liberal arts college that they discontinue their diversity and inclusion brochure. “Why?” they asked. “What kind of research do you have that shows it’s no longer an effective recruiting tool?”

Kelly Ruoff April 14, 2016 Categories Points of View

Make more of your brand by doing less.

It seems the goal of branding today is to be everywhere and do everything, often with scant resources. But this ongoing pressure can have a serious impact on brands. Sometimes, the opposite approach can be more powerful.

Ologie March 31, 2016 Categories Points of View

How to Disrupt Higher Ed: Cues from Dating, Disney, and Digital

As the digital and cultural landscape continues to evolve, it’s critical that we (and our clients) grow along with it. This is especially relevant in higher education, where change tends to happen slower than elsewhere.

Ologie February 25, 2016 Categories Points of View

Stop talking about Super Bowl spots and make a good one

This is a banner day for opinions at the water cooler. There was an obvious theme of the night: humor, with several brands relying on comedic actors (Jeff Goldblum, Steve Harvey, Seth Rogen, and Amy Schumer, to name a few).

Ologie February 8, 2016 Categories Points of View