Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

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Branding for the next generation.

Generation Z: They were born after 1996. They have an attention span of eight seconds. And most of them went straight from sucking their thumbs to surfing the web. So if your brand is going to capture their attention (let alone keep it), consider these tips.

Ologie October 4, 2015 Categories Points of View

The 5 C’s of College Choice.

Plenty of research and insight exist about why college students pick the schools they do. What is it that finally moves a prospective school from the “maybe” to the “yes” column? Is it the feeling they get when they visit the campus? Is it the nationally ranked engineering program? Or is it the soft-serve ice cream in the cafeteria?

Ologie August 25, 2015 Categories Points of View

Let's Play Admissions Lingo Bingo.

At Ologie, our people spend hundreds of days on college and university campuses each year. We’ve been on countless prospective student tours. (We’re the old ones in the back.) And we review stacks upon stacks of viewbooks and other admissions materials all year long.

Ologie July 30, 2015 Categories Points of View

The ROI of Branding Isn’t an Oxymoron

Over the past decade in the higher education industry, we’ve seen a dramatic upswing in the attention paid to branding. The evidence is overwhelming: more institutions appointing CMOs, larger marketing budgets, highly visible and sophisticated campaigns, more efforts to protect trademarks, and growing attendance at marketing conferences by higher ed practitioners.

Ologie June 25, 2015 Categories Points of View

The Medium is the Message.

More than 50 years after he coined the phrase, Marshall McLuhan’s famous aphorism seems to be increasingly relevant, not less so.

Ologie May 29, 2015 Categories Points of View

Telling your brand story through Snapchat

As it turns out, all the buzz around Snapchat is legit. The platform now has over 200 million monthly active users, and 77 percent of college students use it at least once a day. The big question we continue to hear from our clients is, “Does Snapchat make sense for my organization?” Our answer: yes.

Ologie April 29, 2015 Categories Points of View

Conversations with college presidents on branding in higher education.

Twenty years ago, branding was a new concept in higher education. Today, the entire landscape has evolved. Leaders at colleges and universities compete for best-fit students, and work tirelessly to draw the support of their alumni. Many institutions no longer see branding as a luxury; they view it as a necessity.

Ologie March 9, 2015 Categories Points of View

Code versus Craft

Developers and designers have never influenced each other more. But despite the close collaboration, the two disciplines have very different mindsets. Here are a few things I think they could learn from one another.

Ologie February 20, 2015 Categories Points of View

New Year, Better Brand

People head into the new year with the best of intentions: eat better, save money, take a great vacation. But what about your brand? Maybe it could stand to shed a few pounds, too. Here are some of the resolutions we recommend to make your brand healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

Ologie January 23, 2015 Categories Points of View

Brands, campaigns, and where they meet.

“What’s the difference between a brand and a campaign? And which one do I need?” We hear these two questions all the time from clients and potential clients in many industries: higher ed, financial services, healthcare, retail, and more. Over the years, we’ve thought a lot about the answers. So here’s what we know.

Ologie December 19, 2014 Categories Points of View