Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

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Meet Work Dakota

I have a few different faces I put on (we all do, it’s okay). There’s Work Dakota, who can somehow manage his ADHD long enough to get something done in one sitting, there’s School Dakota, whose ADHD magically reappears just in time for class, and then there’s the third Dakota who’s just generally a messy combination of the two.

Dakota Story October 19, 2016 Categories Intern Stories

The ultimate guide to brand measurement

When we start a new engagement with a college or university, we love our initial discussions about project goals and measuring success. It’s a step full of vision and ambition, tempered with an eye toward focus and standards.

Carolyn Kent October 5, 2016 Categories Points of View

Trying to grow up

My name is Dakota Story and I’m a college student and intern writer at Ologie. Like their website says, I’m the resident member of Gen Z. What that means is, I have a lot of different views on things that happen within these walls. I’m also in a very unique place in life.

Dakota Story September 30, 2016 Categories Intern Stories

Brand partnerships: when they work and why

One of the most effective ways for a brand to expand its reach is to partner with another like-minded brand in a different industry. By combining their powers, these brands (and their agencies) often find incredibly creative ways to cross-promote and, in doing so, can win over new fans and create serious buzz.

Hannah Jew September 28, 2016 Categories Points of View
Queens University of Charlotte

Brand Evolution

Queens University of Charlotte is a small, private institution that offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and pre-professional programs, all grounded in a liberal arts core. But despite many enviable features, the university was struggling to stand out in the region and had little reputation outside the state.

Ologie September 15, 2016 Categories Case Studies

Making the campus tour more than just another visit.

We hear it all the time: “Once we get them on campus, we’ve got them hooked.” How could you not? A great tour. A good meal in the best dining hall (with soft-serve ice cream). A glimpse into a residence hall and a lecture hall. Interaction with real students. They’re totally hooked, right?

Kelly Ruoff Lauren Clinton August 30, 2016 Categories Points of View

CSCA Pinewood Derby 2016

Here’s a peek at our Ologist’s cars for this year’s big Pinewood Derby race, hosted by Columbus Society of Communicating Arts (CSCA).

Ologie August 18, 2016 Categories Culture

5 things brands should know about Instagram Stories

Recently, Instagram launched a new feature called Stories, which allows users to post temporary photos without filling up their photo feed or grid. It’s an approachable and ephemeral response to a brand-saturated Instagram feed that tends to be filled with picture-perfect photography.

Nathan Okuley Chelsea Castle August 11, 2016 Categories Points of View

Summer Outing 2016

To celebrate summer we hung out at one of our favorite Columbus breweries, Seventh Son Brewing, for beers and trivia. Not pictured: Hot Chicken Takeover, which was devoured before a photo could be snapped.      

Ologie August 10, 2016 Categories Culture

Stand out.
But not too much.

The double standard of higher ed marketing, and how to fight it.

For colleges and universities, competition has never been stiffer for top students and faculty, or for research funding, donor dollars, and reputation. Public universities have a hard time explaining what it means to be “public” and liberal arts colleges are still trying to defend the benefits of a multidisciplinary education to 17-year-olds everywhere.

Kelly Ruoff July 28, 2016 Categories Points of View

AMA 2016

Where: 2016 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

When: December 6, 2016

Who: William Faust, Managing Partner, and Mary Baglivo, Chief Marketing Officer at Northwestern University

Presentation: Giving a Brand New Direction: The Northwestern Story


Where: Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Chicago, Illinois

When: December 12, 2016

Who: Paul Davis, Ologie Creative Director and Robin Bowlus, Director of Public Relations at Bluffton University

Presentation: One Campaign. Many Generations. All In. Effectively Engaging Alumni Across Generations.

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