Ologie helps companies, institutions, and organizations discover their authentic story and find their true voice. We aim to make every brand we touch clear, compelling, and consistent so that over time they become better known, better understood, and truly unique. We focus our talents in five areas that greatly affect quality of life and economic impact: health, financial services, retail, education, and community.

From patient care to medical insurance, the healthcare industry continues to evolve. But as clinical and precise as healthcare can be, it’s rooted in an incredibly human concept: care. When we demonstrate this, the entire experience is improved.
It’s about earning trust.

All financial services, from banking to investments to insurance, are becoming more transparent and tangible. It’s essential to simplify these complex stories and structures and share them with customers in a straightforward manner. It’s about building confidence.

It’s not about spending more or shopping with abandon. It’s about putting clarity, information, and meaning behind our purchases. That means making it easy for consumers to find what they want, and creating connections that make them feel good about their choices. It’s about making smart decisions.

Today the choices of where, how, and what a person studies are endless. Institutions of all shapes, sizes, and statures must define what they stand for and what sets them apart to attract the right kind of student-and resources-they need to thrive. It’s about creating relevance.

From not-for-profit organizations to cities and towns, building community momentum requiries the creation of mind shifts. Mind shifts lead to behavioral shifts. Behavioral shifts lead to relationships. And relationships last a lifetime. It’s about establishing a connection.

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How we give backKims Fund Logo

The Kim McCanney Fund is run by Ologie in honor of our friend and co-worker who passed away in January 2011. We strive to honor Kim everyday by emulating her grace, fortitude, and joy for life. We use the fund to support the causes that Kim cared about most.

The Kim McCanney Fund gives to causes, programs, and events that are related to the protection and love of animals, the support of veterans and veterans’ issues, women’s issues, and the prevention, treatment, and fight against cancer.


Make a Donation

Send an email to mccanneyfund@ologie.com. If you’d like to make a donation towards a specific cause that the Fund supports, include that direction and any other key information in your email. We’ll be in touch with you to complete the transaction.

The Kimberly McCanney Fund is a private fund and is not a 501(c)3 non-profit. Donations are not tax-deductible.

Request Funding

Send an email to mccanneyfund@ologie.com with the following information:

  • About the request
  • Your connection to the request
  • Why you believe it should be funded
  • Amount of the request
  • Due date
  • Contact information

Recently Funded

Organizations Kim’s Fund has donated to: