Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

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CSCA Pinewood Derby 2016

Here’s a peek at our Ologist’s cars for this year’s big Pinewood Derby race, hosted by Columbus Society of Communicating Arts (CSCA).

Ologie August 18, 2016 Categories Culture

Summer Outing 2016

To celebrate summer we hung out at one of our favorite Columbus breweries, Seventh Son Brewing, for beers and trivia. Not pictured: Hot Chicken Takeover, which was devoured before a photo could be snapped.      

Ologie August 10, 2016 Categories Culture

Meet Studio B

We have six studio teams at Ologie. Meet Studio B, a relatively tall bunch that was inspired to demonstrate their basketball prowess for a recent company meeting.

Chelsea Castle June 7, 2016 Categories Culture

Crawfish Boil

We’re still reminiscing (and drooling over) our crawfish boil, inspired by our friends at Tulane University.  

Ologie May 18, 2016 Categories Culture

Take your kids to work day 2016

Kids are the most creative people we know. And we had too much fun with them on this day not to share.

Chelsea Castle May 16, 2016 Categories Culture

Full Ologie

We recently welcomed a lot of new folks at Ologie. You could say we have a bit of a full house.

Chelsea Castle May 6, 2016 Categories Culture

Dogs Days at Ologie 2015

We were happy to have some extra paws on projects for another successful Ologie Dog Days event.

Chelsea Castle September 22, 2015 Categories Culture

AMA Higher Ed Symposium 2013

The American Marketing Association’s annual Higher Ed Symposium continues to be one of our favorite conferences. What makes it our favorite? The people. The ideas. The convention hall carpet. A few highlights from this year’s event:

Ologie November 25, 2013 Categories Culture

Dog Days at Ologie

The Kimberly McCanney Fund was established by Ologie in honor of our friend and co-worker who passed away in January 2011. We strive to honor Kim every day by emulating her grace, fortitude, and joy for life. The fund exists to support the causes that she cared about most.

Ologie October 14, 2013 Categories Culture

Middle West Spirits Happy Hour

Working with Middle West Spirits to create its company website was a rewarding experience. But when the guys at Middle West wanted to show their appreciation for our efforts, they suggested a happy hour featuring their distinctive Ohio-made OYO vodkas and whiskeys, and we couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of it first.

Ologie April 5, 2013 Categories Culture