Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

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What your brand can learn from Apple Live

Yesterday’s Apple Live event had exciting breakthroughs, including the first new product announcement from the company in four years. Here’s our take on what Apple’s recent approach to innovation can mean for creating compelling brand experiences.

Carolyn Kent September 10, 2014 Categories Points of View

Weathering Brand Backlash.

As passionate people who build brands for a living, we know that a new brand identity comes with risks. The worst? Alienating your most loyal audiences. Usually the reaction is based on emotion, not insight, but either way, the groundswell can lead to a viral backlash.

Ologie August 25, 2014 Categories Points of View

Three ways to tell your brand’s story with social media.

We no longer live in a broadcast age. That means you can’t just buy people’s attention—it must be earned. And the best way to earn it in an era where most messages are ignored is to tell a good story.

Carolyn Kent July 8, 2014 Categories Points of View

Meet the guy who dreams of brand guidelines.

As associate visual director at Ologie, Neil Wengerd has had a hand in creating brand guidelines for more than 30 brands, and he’s learned a thing or two along the way. Here, he shares some insights about the daunting task of developing a tool to keep a brand on track for years to come.

Ologie June 4, 2014 Categories Points of View

Overcoming the campus visit cold shoulder

Campus visits are confirmed deal-closers. But just because a prospective student can’t visit, it doesn’t mean you’ve missed your shot. Here are a few strategies for connecting with the no-shows, and how we’ve applied them for our clients.

Ologie February 27, 2014 Categories Points of View

Getting more plays for your buck

YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine have given unprecedented power to the play button. A single video can reach millions, at a cost that’s next to nothing. So why aren’t more organizations thinking in terms of shareable content? It’s time to treat these miniature movies with a little more respect. Ologie’s senior cinematographer, Colin Faust, offers up some advice.

Ologie March 11, 2014 Categories Points of View

Six things our video director learned at SXSW.

Every March, flocks of hipsters, tech geeks, band groupies, and filmmakers gather in Austin for SXSW (pronounced “South by Southwest”), one of the most exciting, trend-setting events around. The intertwined series of conferences and festivals is organized around film, music, and interactive media, and sets the tone for the year’s creative and technical landscape.

Ologie March 18, 2014 Categories Points of View

Money may talk, but it’s the people who bank.

The ideas shared at this year’s Financial Services Marketing and Innovation Symposium apply to just about any marketer. The weekend’s big theme was balancing the explosion of new technology platforms and channels with the all-important human element. Here’s how four banks are stepping out from behind the desk to get up close and personal.

Ologie January 25, 2014 Categories Points of View

Ordinary ways for achieving exceptional creativity.

Creativity is a hot topic these days. Everyone from accountants to zoologists is asking: How can I be more creative—produce more ideas, better ones, and do so more quickly and reliably? Here are a few methods for keeping your thinking fresh and the ideas flowing.

Ologie November 21, 2013 Categories Points of View

Lost in Translation

Money talks. But does it always make sense? In the financial world, complicated language and insider jargon run rampant. And while the messages may be clear to the industry’s communicators, that doesn’t mean that their clients and customers aren’t totally lost.

Ologie November 18, 2013 Categories Points of View