Colorado College

A campaign for the trailblazers.

Colorado College

A campaign for the trailblazers.

Colorado College

A campaign for the trailblazers.

Colorado College has always done things differently. In 1970, for example, CC reinvented the liberal arts education with an innovative academic approach: an immersive schedule where students engage with a single subject at a time, for three-and-a-half-week periods. It’s called the Block Plan.

More recently, as part of its strategic plan, CC was looking to drive innovation even further on campus. To fund new initiatives, programs, scholarships, and more, the college partnered with Ologie to develop the largest, most ambitious campaign in its 144-year history.

Defining the appeal

As we talked to people on campus, the stories we heard highlighted just how great an impact the college has had on current and former students, who include recipients of the Pulitzer Prize, the Grammy Award, and the Nobel Prize. It became clear that Colorado College, a trailblazer in its own right, is a place where independent thinkers thrive.

Facing the challenges

We discovered that the powerful relationships and experiences at CC were overshadowing the institution itself. Alumni also saw the college’s respectable endowment and tuition rate and assumed there was no need for financial support. Bottom line: CC’s audiences didn’t understand the difference fundraising can make in the lives of students and faculty.

Based on our findings, we established four main goals for the campaign:

Shaping the vision

Embarking on a campaign requires an extreme amount of effort from an institution. To guide these efforts, we worked closely with CC to craft a three-point purpose to act as the initiative’s north star. This trio of central ideas would help clarify the goals of the campaign and create internal alignment.

Brand Platform

The idea of originality continued to reveal itself as a constant theme throughout our work. Colorado College is a place that does things unconventionally, and its students go on to lead distinct and unconventional lives. At CC, originality is the foundation of everything they do.

Campaign Materials

After working in close partnership with CC to craft a creative platform, we provided a campaign style guide for internal communicators, writers, and designers to use. With this in hand, CC’s staff created dozens of pieces on their own to move the campaign forward, including a microsite.

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