Pratt Institute

The story behind some of the most iconic works of our time.

Pratt Institute

The story behind some of the most iconic works of our time.

Pratt Institute

The story behind some of the most iconic works of our time.

A story 125 years in the making.

Pratt was just coming off the heels of a successful 125th anniversary celebration that showcased 125 iconic works of the 20th century, all created by alumni, faculty, and students. It was a fantastic look back at Pratt’s history of creativity and innovation, but it was just that — a look back.

Answering the biggest question of all.

While the institution had plenty to be proud of, we wanted to dig deeper: to connect the Pratt of the past with the experience of today’s students. Sure, there was lots of great art, architecture, and design coming out of Pratt, but it begged the question: Why? What was it about the place (Brooklyn, New York), the people (talented artists, designers, students, and professors), and the process that made the school unique?

The one thing that Pratt lacked.

It wasn’t a reputation: Pratt was already known as one of the world’s premier institutions of art, design, and architecture. It wasn’t a great location: the school sits right in the creative hub of Brooklyn. And it wasn’t a compelling visual style, or bragging rights to incredible talent. What Pratt needed was a story. Here’s how we helped them tell it.  

Positioning Statement

Why do we do what we do?

It’s a question that’s asked of every creative person. The question that every artistic endeavor aspires to address. And for generations, Pratt has supplied big answers to this one monumental question: Why?

Because New York didn’t have a building that rivaled its own towering height, majesty, and power until Pratt’s William Van Allen designed the Chrysler Building.

Because people had been making words for years, but nobody knew how to make it fun until Pratt alumnus Alfred Butts created Scrabble.

Because cutting vegetables could also be cutting edge, thanks to the Cuisinart, developed by Pratt alumnus Marc Harrison.

Because the beauty, glamour, and elegance of a scent doesn’t have to be invisible in Pratt alumnus Mark Rosen’s perfume bottle designs.

Because great art and design come from passion, from dedication, from imagination, and from Brooklyn. The most innovative part of the most interesting part of the most important city in the world. Where for the last century and a half, the most talented minds in art, design, and architecture have come together to create the impossible: A collection of work that has changed thinking, changed hearts, changed skylines, changed industries, and changed the world.

And it’s right here— in the cultural capital of the known universe — where you’ll create something impossible of your own. Something that’s never been done before. Something that requires every ounce of your talent and every bit of your passion. Something that enables you to find your place in a world that needs bolder thinkers, bigger ideas, and stronger convictions.

Because you’ll take your place in a long legacy of innovation.

Because it means something. Because it’s worth it.

Because it just might change everything.

Because we’re Pratt. And it’s what we do. 


One of Pratt’s most important audiences is its prospective students, so we completely reimagined to address them directly. By sharing relevant stories and examples of work from students, faculty, and alumni, the site gives students a true picture of their future lives at Pratt, the culture they’ll become a part of, and the legacy that they’ll one day continue.


To enable Pratt to maintain a consistent presence, we developed a digital set of brand guidelines, which fully equips the institute’s marketing teams with the visual and verbal assets to implement the brand. With the help of these guidelines, communicators can make good decisions as they create pieces that are vibrant, fresh, and true to Pratt.

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