We’re Ologie. We’re a branding firm. And we’ve worked with more than 100 colleges and universities, helping them tell their stories in engaging ways.

Just like you, we’re curious about Gen Z—the college students of today and tomorrow. So we’ve spent some time studying them.

They’re decidedly different from previous generations. And they hold knowledgeable, worldly, diverse, and status-quo-challenging stances on everything from social issues to finances.

Now is the time to get smarter about communicating and connecting with this new generation. Our book offers facts and valuable insights, as well as bottom-line implications for your communications.

Think of it as a primer for all things Gen Z.


We send more than 100 texts per day

Our attention span = 8 seconds

73% are connected within an hour of waking up

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88% of us are extremely close to our parents

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76% are concerned about human impact on the planet

77% believe that businesses should make “doing good” central to their mission

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55% feel pressured by our parents to get early professional experience

74% of us would rather work for ourselves

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1/2 of us will be university educated (compared with 1/3 of Millennials)

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We’re concerned about privacy — 42% of us are sharing less than we did 2 years ago

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We spend more than 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen

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9 out of 10 feel optimistic about our own future

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65% of us worry about the economy in general

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