Acceptance Package

September 02, 2011  

Receiving a college acceptance letter is one of the most epic moments of any young life. Wittenberg understood the power of this moment and wanted an acceptance package with true impact. Ologie set out to create an experience, not just another letter a student gets in the mail.

To adequately convey the spirit of this active, engaged college, we created a piece that invited the prospective student to dive right in. So, with a bit of unexpected messaging that’s revealed through a peek-through window, a moment is made. Deeper inside, the piece folds out with clever messaging and high-energy imagery at every turn. A wealth of information awaits inside. Lists of campus traditions, local points of interest, tips for first-year freshmen, and more give prospective students the feeling they’ve already arrived. A sly “you got in” message is not quite hidden behind a translucent window, commentating on the moment that’s unfolding in real time.