Video Shoot: Behind the Scenes

November 19, 2012  
Josh Montgomery Profile Picture
Josh Montgomery

In true Ologie style, the recent TV spots we produced for Columbus State Community College were a collaborative effort — one that involved a 5:30 a.m. crew call and plenty of heavy lifting before sunrise. (Coffee? Check.) Here’s a look behind the scenes from Joshuah Montgomery, our resident animator and a member of our talented video team:

The effect we were going for was real time in high speed. For each scenario, we set the camera on a dolly track to take a pair of shots that we later composited together. For the first shot, we pushed in on the hero (the spot’s main protagonist) in front of a green screen, in real time, for 15 seconds. To create the high-speed effects, we did a similar shot with a group of extras, but pushed the camera in slowly, over the course of a minute and a half. In post-production, the shot with the extras was timed to match the 15-second shot, turning everything but the hero to high speed.

Some of the really tricky stuff: In the spot with the two girls on the bench, the one who sits down partway through is actually from the high-speed shot, and the bench she’s “sitting” on isn’t even there. The bridge in the background is from a third shot that was also composited (through bushes, even) for proper exposure.

Another fun moment happens during the spot in the library. The book that the hero grabs is from a shelf that isn’t actually there. If you watch closely, you can see that the book is still on the shelf after he pulls it out.

» View the TV spots.