AMA Higher Ed Symposium 2013

November 25, 2013  

The American Marketing Association’s annual Higher Ed Symposium continues to be one of our favorite conferences. What makes it our favorite? The people. The ideas. The convention hall carpet. A few highlights from this year’s event:

  1. We learned that a logo crisis doesn’t have to derail the power of a wicked-smart brand. Check out how the University of California prevailed.

  2. Mary Baglivo, VP of Global Marketing and CMO at Northwestern University, introduced us to “lovemarks”: can’t-live-without brands that transcend merchandise by tapping into the human spirit. Find out how to spot them.

  3. UC Berkeley’s Ram Kapoor, Executive Director, Marketing and Digital Communications, talked about the university’s new brand to a standing-room-only crowd—proving that wearing tie-dye is an excellent promotional strategy.

  4. Creative god Jelly Helm encouraged us to live happily in the “tragic gap”—that space between what’s not working and the utopia of what’s possible.

  5. Attendees confirmed their enduring love for free T-shirts. (We have a few left. Send us an email if you want one.)

AMA Higher Education 2013 Header Image

Photos courtesy of Pierce Harman Photography.