Money may talk, but it’s the people who bank.

January 25, 2014  

The ideas shared at this year’s Financial Services Marketing and Innovation Symposium apply to just about any marketer. The weekend’s big theme was balancing the explosion of new technology platforms and channels with the all-important human element. Here’s how four banks are stepping out from behind the desk to get up close and personal.

  1. Be human. Other humans will like it.

    TD Bank proved that it’s still possible to differentiate yourself by advertising services that are “surprisingly available and better than expected.” CMO Vinoo Vijay described the company’s bold yet simple approach to “banking human.”

  2. Nobody likes change (unless it’s done right).

    We learned from Santander USA that a corporate name change across different global cultures has to be carefully choreographed. Customers need to buy into more than just a name, CMO Kathy Klinger explained; they need to believe in an idea. Find out how Santander’s humble approach paid off.

  3. The new, approachable face of banking.

    Amid all the technology and number crunching, people still count. Bank of America showcases this in a video that features the faces behind the banking, and emphasizes the importance of building trust through human connections.

  4. You’ve got to be all in.

    PNC’s marketing team recently led a cultural change initiative that helped the entire organization become more customer centric. Ologie was proud to work with PNC in developing the strategy that led the initiative. View the presentation below (given by Ologie’s managing partner, Bill Faust) on how they got more than 50,000 employees all moving in the same direction.