Environmental Design

March 20, 2015  

For over three decades, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has raised billions of dollars and helped save millions of lives in the fight against breast cancer. As a worldwide nonprofit, Komen depends on its fiercely driven employees to raise funds, organize races, and do whatever’s necessary to “empower pink.” But at the world headquarters in Dallas, everything was gray. From ceiling to carpet, this lackluster office space failed to match the passion and spirit of those who worked in it. Together, Komen and Ologie set out to set things right. We developed environmental graphics that could be seen (and felt) throughout the office. Inspirational messages, past triumphs, and fields of pink paint lined the walls. Ordinary supplies and everyday spaces were reimagined to remind employees just how important their work truly is. Cubicles became starting blocks, clocks became mile markers, and Komen’s staff gained a taste of the hope and inspiration they give to so many.

Komen 1

Komen 2

Komen 3

Komen 4

Komen 5