Awareness Campaign

May 18, 2015  

Gonzaga University, a Jesuit institution located in Spokane, Washington, is often cited for its basketball prowess and frequent NCAA tournament appearances. In working with the university’s marketing and communications team, we wanted to build on this notoriety, expanding the conversation to focus on the school’s strong academic offering and supportive community, and how both transform its students. We crafted a platform around the idea that students “unfold” into their potential and true selves at Gonzaga and beyond, due to the university’s unique culture and setting. We then translated the platform to a TV spot that ran during network coverage of the men’s and women’s West Coast Conference and NCAA basketball tournaments.

The spots, accompanied by digital ads, print ads, and a social media plan, drove viewers to for a collection of stories that visually “unfold” as the viewer engages with the site. The site was viewed more than 125,000 times in a two-week period, with the average visit lasting an impressive 2.25 minutes. Thanks to results like these, as well as a refined admissions strategy and a deep NCAA basketball run, Gonzaga is expecting a record-breaking freshman class in the fall and is poised to launch the public phase of its capital campaign.

Gonzaga Unfold


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