Let’s Play Admissions Lingo Bingo.

July 30, 2015  

At Ologie, our people spend hundreds of days on college and university campuses each year. We’ve been on countless prospective student tours. (We’re the old ones in the back.) And we review stacks upon stacks of viewbooks and other admissions materials all year long.

As you might imagine, over time, we’ve picked up on some reoccurring themes. And these themes tend to get expressed with certain images and phrases that we encounter over and over and over again. There’s not a school—or an agency that works with them—who isn’t guilty of using some of these. And it’s true, many of them are accurate. But we’ve compiled a list (in the form of a bingo card, of course) to call out the most overused ones we see.

Lingo Bingo Card

So what does this mean? Are we all banned from using these words and images forever? No. But we are asking the entire higher education industry, and admissions departments in particular, to take a good look at this list and then explore some alternatives.

Your school is unique. Your students are different. And your communications should reflect that. There are millions of ways to illustrate the people, the place, the traditions, and the outcomes of your institution. Do it authentically and do it distinctively, and you’re much more likely to get noticed by exactly the audience you’re going after. Bingo.