Brand Evolution

September 15, 2016  

Queens University of Charlotte is a small, private institution that offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and pre-professional programs, all grounded in a liberal arts core. But despite many enviable features, the university was struggling to stand out in the region and had little reputation outside the state.

As we sought to differentiate the institution, our research and interviews led us repeatedly to its dynamic, historic setting in North Carolina’s largest city. Like no other school in the area, Queens draws on Charlotte’s thriving urban center to create a uniquely balanced experience for students.

This insight informed our strategy for updating the school’s identity, including a logo that works for national and local audiences in different ways. On a national level, it’s important to distinguish the location in North Carolina from anywhere else in the country (like a certain borough in New York City). Locally, the logo speaks to Queens’ well-known identity in Charlotte, while providing a strong base for the university’s sub-brands. 

The resulting brand leans heavily on the idea of balance, both visually and verbally. Messaging relies on juxtaposing two ideas that have an intriguing interplay; elegant typography and design elements reflect the same dynamic, only graphically. More important, all the components of the evolved brand work together to tell an authentic story that sets Queens apart in a crowded marketplace. 

Queen University of Charlotte Logo

Queen University of Charlotte

Queen University of Charlotte

Queen University of Charlotte