8 Ways to Connect with Gen Z

October 30, 2018  


Born between 1996 and 2010, the members of Gen Z have a very different mindset from the generations before them. From politics and religion to technology and relationships and everything in between, Gen Z is changing the way the world thinks.

So, how do you connect with the members of this most influential group? Here are eight ways:

Feed their curiosity.

Generation Z has never known a world without smartphones. So they’re used to learning through bite-sized content that comes at them 24/7.

Keep it simple.

They’re drawn to well-designed experiences, so take the time to understand who they are and what they want. Map out their user journey, and work to stay one step ahead of them. Minimize the struggle. Maximize the service. Make the experience effortless.

Be real.

Fake emotion? Marketing jargon? Hidden agenda? They’ll sniff it out in no time. Gen Z values authentic connections that provide a lasting benefit. So foster a relationship. Continue the conversation with students after they’re accepted, and build a solid foundation of trust.

Meet them where they are.

One-size-fits-all is outdated. In fact, Gen Z-ers expect a personalized approach. That means customizing experiences based on each prospect’s interest (or those of their influencers) and then humanizing the connection.

Tell them what you stand for.

They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and they want you to take a stand, too. Convey your culture. Share with them what makes you you, and show them how your school can prepare them to rebuild the society that they see as broken.

Listen to them.

When in doubt: listen. Question everything. Once you’ve given students your ear, then gather more insights, and respond proactively with a substantial plan and tailored approach.

Be open and honest.

Generation Z appreciates transparency. Why? Because they’ve been marketed to their whole life. Let your story be a collective narrative. Appeal to this group’s mindset by letting their peers relay authentic accounts of the good and not so good.

Invite them in.

They have a short attention span (eight seconds), which means they evaluate quickly. So grab their eye with a message that’s singular and intentional. Lead with that and then reveal the deeper aspects of your offer over time.

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