Purpose is a powerful thing.

From colleges and universities to other purpose-driven organizations, we’ve built brands that stand out and experiences that inspire action.

Here’s what we do

Build strong brands

  • Telling a compelling story
  • Aligning your key stakeholders
  • Balancing consistency and flexibility

Drive recruitment

  • Meeting your audiences where they are
  • Adapting quickly to their needs
  • Guiding them through the journey

Raise awareness
and reputation

  • Leaning into what makes you different
  • Engaging your key audiences
  • Shifting their perceptions

Inspire philanthropy
and engagement 

  • Understanding your donors
  • Creating meaningful interactions with them
  • Demonstrating their impact

Our Capabilities 

Branding Experiences


Qualitative, quantitative, creative testing


Mission and vision, brand positioning, brand architecture


Identity, visual language


Story, voice, naming


Guidelines, governance, training



Marketing Experiences


Launch, marketing and communications plans

Campaigns and Events

Advertising, digital, social media, event branding, content development, onsite support


Web design and development, content development, strategy and migration


Broadcast, web, social media, photography


Analytics, testing, optimization





  • Beverly Ryan
    Senior Partner, Founder

    Founded Ologie at age 22 in two tiny rooms without an air conditioner

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    Beverly Ryan, Senior Partner, Founder

    Bev founded Ologie in 1987 and has grown the company into an award-winning branding firm. Her vision and passion for generating big ideas and disruptive work that move people have brought Ologie repeated national and international recognition. A true creative at heart, she remains hands on with many projects; she’s led work for clients such as Gonzaga University, Pratt Institute, Kenyon College, and Bentley University.

    Recently recognized as one of Columbus’s 30 most influential women by Business First, Bev continues to be engaged in the community, particularly in helping aspiring women leaders become successful. She studied at Columbus College of Art and Design, which awarded her an honorary doctorate in 2012.

  • Bill Faust
    Senior Partner and Chief Strategy Officer

    Collects and restores rare vintage cornets

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    Bill Faust, Senior Partner and Chief Strategy Officer

    Bill oversees the research and strategy function at Ologie. In this role he works with clients to help them uncover market insights and effectively position their brands. With a unique background in design, research and business, he spends most of his time developing research studies and corresponding strategies that improve enrollment, alumni and donor engagement and institutional reputation. He has worked with a wide range of institutions, including Elon University, Virginia Tech, Purdue University, Kenyon College, the College of William and Mary, Grinnell College, and Northwestern University.

    Prior to Ologie, Bill spent 12 years at global branding agency Fitch Worldwide, ultimately as North American CEO, where h e oversaw more than 300 consultants in offices from Boston to Seattle. He holds a bachelor’s degree in design from The Ohio State University and an MBA from OSU’s Fisher College of Business.

  • Dawn Marinacci
    Executive Marketing Director

    Weekend warrior who hasn’t met a workout she doesn’t like.

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    Dawn Marinacci, Executive Marketing Director

    Dawn brings a keen eye for detail and a breadth of experience in branding, marketing, and communications strategy, while building strong relationships with key influencers and decision makers. An avid brand advocate and passionate trend watcher, she brings 25 years of experience on both the agency and client side of business.

    Prior to joining Ologie, she worked for GSW, where she handled publicity, branding, and marketing for one of the most award-winning healthcare agencies in the world. She has a BA in journalism from The Ohio State University.

  • Norah Goldman
    Executive Director, Client Partnership

    She was an extra in the movie True Lies

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    Norah Goldman, Executive Director, Client Partnership

    Norah manages the entire client experience, ensuring that objectives are met at every turn. During her time at Ologie she has directed projects for clients such as Ithaca College, Purdue University, Hartwick College, and the University of Mississippi.

  • Kyle Kastranec
    Executive Creative Director

    Craft beer aficionado and die-hard Cleveland sports fan

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    Kyle Kastranec, Executive Creative Director

    Kyle oversees a wide range of visual and verbal work from a group of talented writers and designers. His clients have included the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, University at Buffalo, California Lutheran University, the University of California Berkeley, and Warren Wilson College.

  • Nathan Thornton
    Executive Creative Director

    Adjunct writing professor and former Jeopardy contestant

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    Nathan Thornton, Executive Creative Director

    A smart and versatile writer, Nathan develops compelling, authentic stories that make brands matter and audiences care. As creative director, he also manages a talented team of designers and writers, guiding their work toward excellence and effectiveness. He has created innovative, successful communications for Saint Anselm College, Pratt Institute, Sewanee: The University of the South, and many others.

  • Paul Davis
    Executive Creative Director

    Designs sets for his wife’s elementary school music productions

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    Paul Davis, Executive Creative Director

    Paul oversees a wide range of visual and verbal work in a studio of talented writers and designers. He also continually sets the tone for the agency’s creative process and approach. He has directed projects for clients such as the College of William & Mary, Kutztown University, Monmouth College, University of Baltimore, and Little League International.

  • Nate Feeney
    Executive Director, Client Partnership

    Still wants to be a park ranger (and has the geology minor to prove it)

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    Nate Feeney, Executive Director, Client Partnership

    As the owner of client relationships, Nate bridges the gap between his clients’ teams and Ologie’s teams to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved. Depending on what each project requires, he engages with his colleagues to cultivate meaningful work designed to meet clients’ goals and meet Ologie’s high standards, whether that’s improving enrollment, increasing donor engagement, building institutional reputation, or raising brand awareness. At Ologie, Nate has partnered with a variety of institutions and national brands, including Purdue University, Ohio State University, Villanova University, Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation, J.P. Morgan, Nationwide and NetJets.

  • Doug Edwards
    Executive Strategy Director

    Fell for the girl next door (while helping her move in)

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    Doug Edwards, Executive Strategy Director

    Doug leads a team of researchers and strategists who design and execute custom research approaches that reveal deep insights and inspire great creative work. He then translates insight into strategies that achieve results for Ologie’s clients. He has done so for Little League International, FFA, Northwell Health, Oregon State University, UC Davis, Carnegie Mellon University, and many others.

  • Laurie Bethge
    People Director

    One half of our favorite (and only) sister-sister duo at Ologie

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    Laurie Bethge, People Director

    Laurie oversees a broad range of HR services at the agency, including talent acquisition, staffing, benefits and compensation, training and development, employee relations and retention, compliance, and more. Prior to Ologie, she spent time in customer service and operational roles at Fifth Third Bank and Discover Financial Services.

  • Mark Love
    Video Director

    Classically trained comic book artist who collects vintage Volarés

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    Mark Love, Video Director

    Mark is a born filmmaker who brings a mastery of visual storytelling to each of our film projects. He directs Ologie’s film group, made up of talented producers, editors, and motion graphics designers. His many clients have included the University of Arizona, J.P. Morgan, Purdue University, PNC Bank, Northwestern University, and the College of William & Mary.


  • Joel Showalter
    Editorial Director

    Alphabet fanatic who has all 26 letters tattooed on his shoulder

    Full Name
  • Kelly Abrams
    Associate Creative Director

    Discusses the New York Times with her Insta followers every Sunday

    Full Name
  • Mandy Smith
    Senior Designer

    Singer, screen printer, southpaw

    Full Name
  • Haley Kidder
    Senior Designer

    Her essentials: decaf coffee, lentils, and celery root

    Full Name
  • Sean Dunn
    Motion Graphics Designer

    Gamer, swimmer, and harmonica player

    Full Name
  • Kathleen Clark
    Client Engagement Manager

    Born-and-raised Chicagoan with an epic gardening habit

    Full Name
  • Rachel Sharkey
    Associate Strategy Director

    Makes a mean cake pop and loves a good beat drop

    Full Name
  • Mandi Cohen
    Associate Strategy Director

    The way to her heart is through a can of La Croix

    Full Name
  • Courtney Kuether
    Motion Graphics Designer

    Makes animated short films that have screened across the world

    Full Name
  • Kevin Murray
    Senior Video Editor

    Loves horror films, hates pickles

    Full Name
  • Troy Liming
    Associate Design Director, Production Services

    BFFs with Gloria Estefan (seriously)

    Full Name
  • Renae Erickson
    Senior Designer

    Has a mild obsession with trees and ice cream

    Full Name
  • Taylor King
    Senior Designer

    Karate brown belt and softball player turned artist

    Full Name
  • Alex Henderson
    Associate Director of Technology, Integrated Marketing

    Devoted outdoorsman and loyal Purdue alumnus

    Full Name
  • Katie Anthony-Brown
    Art Director, Copy

    Jumped out of a plane at 14,000 ft. and hated every single second of it

    Full Name
  • Tyler Spahr
    Associate Creative Director, Digital

    Our resident expert on K-pop and Britney Spears

    Full Name
  • Joy Sullivan
    Art Director, Copy

    Likes her poems short and her bourbon neat

    Full Name
  • William Kelly
    Research Specialist
    Full Name
  • Becca Altimier
    Client Engagement Director

    Pens an e-newsletter and runs a podcast in her (not so) spare time

    Full Name
  • Abby Zimmerman
    Project Manager
    Full Name
  • Dakota Story
    Senior Writer

    Self-published a science fiction novel

    Full Name
  • Ellen McDevitt-Stredney
    Art Director, Copy

    Spends more than she should on her Moleskine notebook obsession

    Full Name
  • Keith McDaniel
    Associate Visual Director

    If he weren’t a graphic designer, he’d have been a Beatle

    Full Name
  • Suzanne Cahall
    Accounting Director

    Best possible version of committed, proud dance mom

    Full Name
  • Dan Balyint
    Senior Integrated Marketing Manager

    Elevates movie night with bourbon and a cheap projector

    Full Name
  • Kelly McNicholas
    Art Director, Design

    Will organize your closet, garage, or attic for free

    Full Name
  • Ryan Janiszewski
    Technology Manager

    Volunteers his mad accounting skills to the local design society

    Full Name
  • Chris Pederson
    Associate Creative Director

    Former East Coaster and West Coaster who’s now happily splitting the difference in Ohio

    Full Name
  • Mike Rehfus
    Associate Copy Director

    Proud Detroiter and former coffee shop owner

    Full Name
  • Raina Bradford-Jennings
    Content Marketing Manager

    Part-time children’s library educator with a cookie obsession

    Full Name
  • Dan Wurm
    Associate Production Director

    Listens to sports radio on weekdays, volunteers for children’s charities on weekends

    Full Name
  • Jonathan Schmitt
    Associate Visual Director

    Wowed his high-school talent show with a rendition of “Mama Said Knock You Out”

    Full Name
  • Connor Mitchell
    Senior Designer

    Classiest Deadhead you’ll ever meet

    Full Name
  • Eric Blair
    Senior Designer

    Singer for Mummula, his monster-themed surf-rock band

    Full Name
  • Erin Kennedy
    Research Manager

    Former Celtic harpist and dance major

    Full Name
  • Michael Fletcher

    Designs and choreographs programs for a local high school color guard

    Full Name
  • Amanda Gibson
    Associate Strategy Director, Integrated Marketing

    Cannot live without her library card

    Full Name
  • Kyle Harrington
    Associate Director, Project Management
    Full Name
  • Megan Hyde
    Digital Strategy Manager

    Passionate photographer and aspiring fly-fisher

    Full Name
  • Carrie Mazza
    Digital Strategy Director

    Former race car driver who slings vintage home goods on the side

    Full Name

Our Why

We’re a collection of people with a simple mantra: do the right thing. That means being good to each other and our community. Having fun and giving back. Caring deeply about the work we do and the impact it can have.

We have the opportunity to make positive change, and we’re not about to waste it. It’s what makes Ologie, Ologie. 

Black Lives Matter

There are still many ways for us to step up to move toward equity and inclusion in our organization, our community, our industry, and our nation. As a company, our social justice committee has been charged with making change to be better listeners, allies, and advocates for our black and brown community. We are committed to doing this work, with diligence and humility, to help move the world forward and bring about permanent change.

Brand Camp

Each year, we select two local non-profits and build them two new brands in two days. We call it Brand Camp. It’s an all-hands-on-deck initiative where every Ologist rolls up their sleeves to build two deserving organizations new logos, websites, marketing collateral and videos to help promote their cause.


Kim McCanney Fund

In 2011 Ologie create the McCanney Fund in honor of a former employee who lost her battle with cancer. To date, we’ve donated more than $100,000 to events or causes that were important to Kim, including animals and their welfare and safety, causes related to the cure for cancer, empowerment of women and girls, things important to the culture at Ologie.


We believe in community. We work hard to support the community that we’ve called home for more than three decades. Whether it’s hosting powerful movie screenings and panels to discuss the state of education, painting murals to inspire those in underserved areas, or donating to local food pantries, we are all in.

Our Values 

Our company’s values are a reflection of the type of person we want to work with. Be a Good Human, Invest and Celebrate, All In, and Simple is Smart. 

Embracing these values, we are proud of the community we have within our walls and with our teams. Cocktails in our in-house bar, chili cook-offs, karaoke parties to celebrate new dads, making wreaths for our moms on Mother’s Day, or celebrating Pride – we love a good get together. 

All In

We commit, all the time. We keep standards high. And we always deliver on our promise to create compelling, effective work for our clients.

Be a Good Human

We show respect in everything. We care deeply. We have a heartfelt desire to always do what’s right, even when it’s difficult.


Simple is Smart

We create clarity in everything we do. We reduce inefficiencies and eliminate clutter. The more thoughtful we can be, the simpler the result.

Invest and Celebrate

We bring out the best in others. We are genuine and grateful, taking extra steps to show coworkers and clients that we value them.