Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

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Colorado College

A campaign for the trailblazers.

Colorado College has always done things differently. In 1970, for example, CC reinvented the liberal arts education with an innovative academic approach: an immersive schedule where students engage with a single subject at a time, for three-and-a-half-week periods. It’s called the Block Plan.

Ologie September 21, 2018 Categories Case Studies
Montana State University

It takes a lot to build a future.

Montana State University, located in Bozeman, educates 14,000 students as part of its mission as the state’s land-grant institution. Set in the picturesque Gallatin Valley, the campus offers a one-of-a-kind blend of academic excellence and outdoor adventure.

Ologie October 10, 2017 Categories Case Studies

Moving the needle.

We’ve had the privilege of working with you — the passionate, smart, and fiercely dedicated higher ed professionals who have a unique role in moving education forward.

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Smith College

Finding a voice. Making the ask.

Smith College has a long history of generous philanthropy, beginning with the bequest from Sophia Smith that founded the college in 1871. That gift didn’t just make higher education for women attainable; it transformed the liberal arts education landscape. In 2012, the school launched a bold campaign—with a total goal of $450 million—as part of that long-standing tradition.

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Old Trail School

Where anything is possible.

Old Trail is a private, independent toddler – grade 8 school in northeast Ohio, known for its dynamic and nimble approach to education. Located in the heart of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the school’s 62-acre campus offers limitless opportunities for active learning, growing, and exploration.

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Southeast Missouri State University

The will to do.

Graduates from Southeast Missouri State share a fundamental pride about who they are and the work they do.

Ologie January 23, 2017 Categories Case Studies
Queens University of Charlotte

Brand Evolution

Queens University of Charlotte is a small, private institution that offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and pre-professional programs, all grounded in a liberal arts core. But despite many enviable features, the university was struggling to stand out in the region and had little reputation outside the state.

Ologie September 15, 2016 Categories Case Studies
Continental Office

Brand Evolution

Based in Columbus, Continental Office specializes in designing and improving workspaces for offices and other organizations in education, government, and health care. As Continental began to shift its business approach to focus on the fuller office experience, we worked with the company to update its brand in a way that better aligned with its overall vision and purpose.

Ologie April 26, 2016 Categories Case Studies
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Brand Evolution

Founded in 1870 as one of the first technological institutions
west of the Mississippi River, Missouri University of Science and Technology has a long heritage of discovery, creativity, and innovation.

Ologie March 15, 2016 Categories Case Studies
Sewanee: The University of the South

More than a location, an experience.

Perched high on the Cumberland Plateau, “the Domain” is home to 13,000 acres of forests, meadows, lakes, caves, and wildlife. And for years, that’s what Sewanee communicated to prospective students. But it takes more than natural beauty to connect with students. To bring them to campus, we needed to give them a real reason to experience Sewanee for themselves.

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