Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

Yeah, we have a point of view on that.

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Tapping into Gen Z’s spheres of influence

Competition for your audiences has never been tighter, and traditional marketing doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you need a little help. That’s where influencers come in: the people who have the ear of your audience.

Ologie January 24, 2017 Categories Points of View

The not-so-typical dorm life

I’m not really the dorm room type of person. The whole communal bathroom thing and sharing a bedroom just really wasn’t my thing. When they tell me to wear flip flops into the disgusting pit I’m supposed to clean myself in, it seems a bit like a red flag.

Dakota Story January 11, 2017 Categories Intern Stories

5 ways to make your brand stand out in 2017

It’s December, that time of year where we spend copious hours reflecting on the past 12 months and preparing for the next 12. In this industry, it’s more important than ever to anticipate change and be prepared to either jump on trends or avoid at all costs.

Ologie December 21, 2016 Categories Points of View

The Millennial lens

Now that you know my alter egos, let’s get to the down and dirty. What is it really like working with Millennials when you’re just in Gen Z? Well, it’s not always easy. Unfortunately, your age is attached to everything you do.

Dakota Story December 15, 2016 Categories Intern Stories

6 tips for attracting your best-fit students.

We get it. When you’re recruiting prospective students, it’s difficult to break out of your comfort zone. Your college or university has a system, a protocol, or a communications cycle that’s been used for years. But it’s a new era in higher education, at least if you’re trying to understand students from Generation Z. Here are a few tips from our proprietary Student Union research to help you reach and retain the right students for you.

Dawn Marinacci Chelsea Castle November 29, 2016 Categories Points of View

School Dakota

Ah, School Dakota: the socially aware, awe-inspiring, picture perfect candidate of a great college student. If only that were true. In reality, School Dakota has had some growing up to do too. From passing classes to talking to people who are actually my age (crazy, right?), it’s a whole different world outside the office.

Dakota Story November 21, 2016 Categories Intern Stories

5 segments of Gen Z and how to engage them

Born between 1996 and 2010, the members of Generation Z have a very different mindset, thanks to the world they’ve grown up in. And because of this, they’re actually changing the world. Let’s just say they’re anything but typical.

Ologie October 27, 2016 Categories Points of View

Meet Work Dakota

I have a few different faces I put on (we all do, it’s okay). There’s Work Dakota, who can somehow manage his ADHD long enough to get something done in one sitting, there’s School Dakota, whose ADHD magically reappears just in time for class, and then there’s the third Dakota who’s just generally a messy combination of the two.

Dakota Story October 19, 2016 Categories Intern Stories

The ultimate guide to brand measurement

When we start a new engagement with a college or university, we love our initial discussions about project goals and measuring success. It’s a step full of vision and ambition, tempered with an eye toward focus and standards.

Carolyn Kent October 5, 2016 Categories Points of View

Trying to grow up

My name is Dakota Story and I’m a college student and intern writer at Ologie. Like their website says, I’m the resident member of Gen Z. What that means is, I have a lot of different views on things that happen within these walls. I’m also in a very unique place in life.

Dakota Story September 30, 2016 Categories Intern Stories

AMA 2016

Where: 2016 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

When: December 6, 2016

Who: William Faust, Managing Partner, and Mary Baglivo, Chief Marketing Officer at Northwestern University

Presentation: Giving a Brand New Direction: The Northwestern Story


Where: Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Chicago, Illinois

When: December 12, 2016

Who: Paul Davis, Ologie Creative Director and Robin Bowlus, Director of Public Relations at Bluffton University

Presentation: One Campaign. Many Generations. All In. Effectively Engaging Alumni Across Generations.

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