Brand Development

Brand Development

Brand Development

We look at an institution from every angle to determine the best opportunity for a truly distinct and ownable positioning, in alignment with specific objectives. We then craft an authentic brand story and messaging, which serves as the foundation for the creative platform development and compelling visual expression. Together, these elements help differentiate the institution from peers and competitors.



  • Qualitative and quantitative research to understand current perceptions
  • Analysis of institutional strategies, goals and objectives
  • Auditing existing reputational messaging, tools and tactics
  • Best-practice review

Brand Strategy

  • Audience prioritization and segmentation
  • Brand architecture system, definition, and refinement
  • Positioning, value proposition and message development
  • Brand personality, tone, and voice

Creative Platform

  • Overarching theme to bring the positioning to life
  • Brand narrative and visual language development
  • Refinement and development
  • Sample communication tactics
  • Preliminary brand guidelines

Brand Activation

  • Internal launch planning and implementation
  • Brand communicators training, resources, and socialization
  • Sub-brand development and extension
  • Final guidelines and toolkit
  • Planning for external launch for brand awareness campaigns

Case Studies