Animations: textures, layering, line work, and music videos

05.17.20214 min

What we’re inspired by this month in the world of animation. Curated by Courtney Kuether, Ologie’s motion graphics designer, originally posted here.

Check out these animated hover states! These are so fun and 10/10 make me scroll through the site. See it in action here.


Ad Council’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Campaign

This animation is lovely, just plain-ole-good. It has a similar VO (personal story-telling) to the recent Ologie – COVID Vaccine spots.

Now a break for some 😎cool😎 gifs.


Here or There

This short plays with textures and layering by contrasting photography with simple line animation. I like how the two mediums balance each other and take equal importance in sharing the story.

Here or There from Patrick Butler on Vimeo.


Overall – fun and cute. Watch closely for all the different ways the type comes in through out this video!

Creativity Explained – On Type with Erik Spiekermann from oddfellows on Vimeo.


Artist highlight: Ben Hill

I love this collection of basic shaped based animation from Ben Hill. Slight psychedelic vibes and totally captivating (not to mention awesome loops).


And lastly, a casual personal brag – Courtney and Sean Dunn (both motion graphic designers at Ologie) recently finished animating their first music video.

Check it out ▼▼