Helping Black women thrive is Chevonne’s passion


Chevonne Harris, a strategy director here at Ologie, founded and leads an organization called ThriveIN. From conferences and events to a flourishing digital community, ThriveIN provides a network for professional Millennial and Gen Z women of color to advance their careers, connect with one another, and thrive in their workplace and passions. We sat down with Chevonne to learn more.

Tell us more about ThriveIN. What’s it all about?

ThriveIN is a social enterprise dedicated to equipping Black Gen Z and Millennial women with the tools, resources, networks, and transformational access needed to thrive in the workplace and beyond. We also help companies build truly inclusive workplaces where Black women and women of color are seen, supported, and valued.

Through innovative programming, strategic partnerships, self-affirming networks, and access to jobs, resources, and mentorship, we exist to ensure Black women are poised and positioned to thrive in their passions.

When and why did you start ThriveIN?

I officially launched ThriveIN in June 2020, but it was a lifetime in the making. After over a decade of overworking, with no clear road map to success, I decided to create the brand I wished my younger, ambitious self could have had.

For years, I wore my ability to work hard as a badge of honor, all with little pay and no mentors, and often grinding through burnout and exhaustion. During the pandemic, I decided to transform my burnout into meaningful change, not only for myself, but for countless Black women like me, who desired to thrive in their career without sacrificing their ability to thrive in life.

To do this meant to create a brand and business that not only empowered Black women, but one that addressed the daily challenges that keep Black women from equitably advancing in their careers — gender and racial pay gaps, lack of representation, microaggressions, tokenism, and a lack of community with like-minded women. I’m proud of the community we’re creating and, more importantly, the tangible change we’re creating in the lives of so many.

What is WorkSpace? 

WorkSpace is a one-of-a-kind, eight-month professional development and leadership program that equips emerging Black Gen Z and Millennial female leaders with the vital resources, access, tribe of support, and glass-breaking confidence needed to advance and accelerate their careers. It is the only program of its kind for Black women in Columbus. Through interactive sessions, career coaching, workshops, and a community of dope Black women, the program is redefining how Black women work, providing results-driven strategies for the torch-bearers of now and those up next to unapologetically take up space and thrive in their careers. Our most recent sessions focused on “The Art of the Pivot” in your career, self-care, financial wellness, and generational wealth.

It seems like ThriveIN has a thriving digital presence. Would you say social media has helped connect and grow your community?

We’re 12K strong, and I’m proud of it! Social media has been pivotal in increasing our awareness and reputation, and also in building a community of like-minded individuals. Through social media, we’re able to show the full tapestry of what it means to #WorkWhileBlack, speaking to both the comical and very real experiences of Black women in the workplace. It’s also been a great platform for us to share owned content and best practices in career advancement.

What were ThriveIN’s top moments from 2023?

2023 was a blur, but by far a top moment was receiving additional funding to support our WorkSpace program, launching the second cohort of WorkSpace, and also planning for our first major conference for April 2024.

What’s next for ThriveIN? What are your dreams for the future of the organization?

Next is to continue doing what we’re doing — providing pathways and opportunities to support, convene with, and advance Black women. In 2024, we will also host our first conference here in Columbus (sponsorship opportunities available for anyone reading this!), and we’ll also be expanding our offerings to engage Black female business owners.

Long term, my dream is that ThriveIN would become the go-to resource for Black women in the workplace. Whether you’re entry-level or C-suite, this is a space that can inspire you and offer concrete tips, strategies, and access to advance your career and improve your overall wellness, even beyond your career. I look forward to creating more original content, increasing the frequency of WorkSpace, and growing to have a national footprint.

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