Augmented reality: A new way to explore the every day


Augmented reality has exploded in popularity the last few years, because our phones finally are powerful enough to handle these amazing new virtual experiences.

Want to explore ancient ruins from your own home? AR. 

Want to see if a couch fits in your living room? AR. 

Want to translate a sign in real time? AR.

Want to have a funny filter on that conference call? AR. 

Recently, our senior motion graphics designers, Courtney and Sean, had a quick chat about what the increased accessibility in AR means for Ologie clients: 

Courtney: I think AR is a fun new way to explore the every day or the typical. Imagine just how much cooler everything could be with a virtual element: like a student acceptance packet with a poster that had a scannable animated element, or a campus monument brought to life with fresh virtual flair.

Sean: Yeah, it’s definitely cool. But it depends a lot on how you use it and the quality that you’re putting out. If it’s just a business card that has 3D type popping out of it for no reason, that’s not the best use of AR. But if it’s to make an interactive, self-guided tour of campus, that would be perfect.

Courtney: Right, I agree. AR for the sake of AR is, frankly, boring. But I do think there’s a place to leverage it in creating a memorable experience and refreshing everyday things. Plus, adding AR creates a secondary level of interactivity, which in turn can make a brand more memorable and increase awareness.  

Sean: And it’s more accessible than it’s ever been. QR codes are back, and viewers naturally understand that there’s another interactive layer with scannables — and that these will often provide additional information in their virtual space. This is great for a brand, because instead of being bogged down with the struggle to create something both visually engaging and informative, AR can take the lead on information sharing, while the tactical element is eye-catching.