Rethink how you reach students with digital marketing

11.03.20218 min

Reaching students through digital marketing gets more difficult every day. This isn’t breaking news to higher ed communicators, but we know you’re always looking for more inspiration. Here are four Ologists to tell you four mini-stories that describe some innovative approaches we’ve developed in collaboration with our client partners.

Give each story just 2 minutes. In return, we’ll give you suggestions on how to adjust your digital marketing strategy in order to meet and exceed your goals.


How Hartwick College increased applications by segmenting CRM data to influence creative and targeted ad campaigns.

>> with Megan Hyde, digital marketing manager


How Purdue Fort Wayne uses a layered website design system with intelligent SEO.

This allowed them to build microsites with more dynamic content, resulting in greater return on investment and a better experience.

>> with Chris Pederson, associate creative director

Eager to scroll through yourself? Here’s their admissions site.


How Grinnell College became more precise and effective with their targeting.

Throughout the entire admissions funnel, they spoke directly to a specific group of prospective students about their interests. And it worked.

>> with Fernando Bergás-Coria, executive director of digital and media

Want to know more? Get into the details with Fernando in this piece.


How the University of Connecticut uses customized, dynamic content that adapts to students’ individual interests. 

>> with Kelly Abrams, associate creative director